with Camel Marudhara going to identify with Horse

Bikaner, Marudhara's distinctive identity, along with Bikaneri camels, will attract the indigenous and foreigner tourists from different breeds of the world to Bikaner. Riding horses for tourists will not only make the feeling of gallantry but will also enjoy the ride of monarchy chariots and bugs. Not only this; People will also enjoy Tanga Safari at affordable rates. This will happen when the inauguration of Horse Environmental Tourism at the National Horse Research Center on October 29, 2017. The inauguration will be done on October 29 at 10 a.m. According to Dr. S.C. Mehta, in-charge of the center, according to the Horse Environmental Tourism, tourists coming to Bikaner city will be provided with the best environment for horse riding, pony riding, copper ride, buggy ride facilities at one place. On the other hand, Marwadi horse of Rajasthan, Kathiawadi horse of Gujarat, Manipuri horse and Ladakh Jangakaras, Piotu Gandhe of France and White asses of Gujarat will also be seen. In fact, in Rajasthan, there is an increase of 43% in animal count of horses. Increasing its association with the general public, giving information about the research being done on it, adding to it from environment and horse protection, is a step towards enhancing the attraction for tourism.

Horse Information Center
Horse hydrotherapy pools designed for natural healing of horses, agricultural equipments and horse accessories equipped with horses will also be displayed. A horse information site has also been built for tourist facilities.

Sand Dunes also developed under tourism
In order to bring the country-foreign tourists the pleasure of the desert, the sand dunes has also been developed in the same campus of the Horse Research Center and a hut has also been built on it. So that the tourists can realize the Rajasthani environment and take photographs. In the near future, the Herbal Park and the Endangered Region of the Desert Plants will also be developed.

Rate finalized at nominal charges
At present, horse riding, copper ride or buggy ride is available only to guests staying in expensive hotels or resort, so the National Horse Research Center has made efforts to make it available at cheaper rates, under which the admission fee will be Rs 50 for the Indian tourists. The entrance fee for foreign tourists will be 200 rupees. Equestrian Rs 100, copper ride 50 rupees and baggy ride 100 rupees.