Tourist enjoyed Camel safari on sand dunes

Tourists faced the culture of Rajasthan

Maharaj Express reached Bikaner with 25 tourists in the first round of the season


With the starting of the tourism season, Royal Train Maharaja Express, which is equipped with majestic amenities, reached Bikaner from Jaipur on Tuesday for 25 tourists in its first round.
On the arrival of the train at Lalgarh railway station, guests were welcomed by the Rajasthani tour.
When the rails come out of the railway station, the robbers congratulate the tourists from Sweden, the UK and Korea from the country's capital, while the royals get the Rajasthani tunes. From here buses send tourists to sightseeing and sightseeing of Bikaner. After visiting Deshnok, Bhandasah Jain Temple, Junagadh, Shahi Train went to Gajner for tourists in the evening, where tourists enjoyed Camel Safari. Campfire was also organized for the remaining tourists. At night, the train left for Gajner.
From Jodhpur to  Udaipur, Bala Sanor, Maharaja Express will reach mumbai on 7th October. In the second round of the season, going back to Delhi, on October 11, Maharaja Express will reach Bikaner.

Scheduled 14 Rounds from from October to March 2017

In this tourist season from October to March 2018, Maharaja Express will take 14 rounds from Delhi to Mumbai and Mumbai from Delhi. On the way, this train will rotate passengers in Agra, Ranthambore, Jaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur and Udaipur. It will take eight days and seven nights for tourists to visit all these places. The rent of Shahi Train is from four lakh to fifteen lakh rupees.