To build new India, Provide the technology

Bikaner, October 6th. Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, said that in order to create a new India, scientific research and technology should be provided to the farmer's farm.

Shekhawat was addressing farmers, veterinarians, scientists and students after inaugurating district level Agricultural and Animal Science Fair at Veterinary University on Friday. More than 2,000 farmers of the district attended the one-day fair held jointly under the joint venture of Veterinary University and Deputy Director Agriculture and Existing Project Director Soul. The Minister of State of Agriculture has inaugurated the exhibition of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry on this occasion.

Shekhawat said that in the absence of food in Bengal famine in 1946, people lost their lives, but the tireless efforts of the country's agricultural scientists made the country self-reliant in food production. He called upon scientists, teachers and students to ensure their participation in the work of spreading their academic, scientific work as well as spreading. The farmer of India is smart and capable. If new techniques of agriculture and animal husbandry are displayed in their village or farm, they will implement it immediately, so they adopt the villages. Farmers of Rajasthan have to face famine or short rain from time to time, but animal husbandry has always provided a protective shield.

The Union Minister of State for Agriculture said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made the goal of doubling the income of agriculture. For this, a seven-point program has been implemented in the country. Self-employment programs like reducing agricultural costs, protecting soil health, maximum use of water and skill development have been started. Government has declared a grant of Rs. 20 thousand crores on boond-boond irrigation schemes. He called upon veterinarian scientists that they would come prosperously if they progress through the Vedic period as a challenge to the Animal Breeds.

Shekhawat said that for the sake of the country, 2-4 hours must be done in the week, it will become a witness of change in the country and will get the opportunity of self-realization. Shekhawat congratulated Vice Chancellors, teachers and students for creating a unique identity in the country in the short term of the establishment of Veterinary University. He appreciated the work of providing state-of-the-art information through the fair and other works of education dissemination. Shekhawat took the information of scientific technique, agriculture, animal husbandry products, inputs and equipment displayed in each stall of the exhibition.

Former guest of the ceremony, Dr. J.P. Singhal said that the world's brightest agricultural and irrigated land and huge number of animals, India's future is bright. There is a need to change the coordinated efforts of farmer, scientist, farmer organization, student and governance and over time. Through fairs, motivation is to learn utility and indigenous techniques and become self-reliant. Vice-Chancellor of Veterinary University Prof. B.R. Chhipa said that agriculture and animal husbandry are complementary to each other. There are huge possibilities of skill development and value addition in this field. The need to reduce the side effects of pesticides in the ground. He appealed to the farmers to adopt Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "One Drop-More Crop". Agriculture Minister Krishan Murari of the Kisan Sangh, Rajasthan, described the fair as very useful and urged animal husbandry to be done with agricultural work to increase the income of the farmers.

Veteran college dean Professor Tribhuvan Sharma delivered the welcome speech. Convener of the fair and Director of Education Education Prof. A.P. Singh said that in the fair, technical and scientific modalities were exhibited in 60 stalls of various departments and agricultural universities, agricultural inputs and equipments including 6 institutions of Indian Agricultural Research Council. Agriculture Deputy Director Ex-Project Director SAT Kadva gave information about various schemes of the soul. In the inaugural ceremony, the Minister of State of Minor and the Ministers released the new issue of "Progressive Animal Husbandry: Innovations from Innovations" book and "New Dimensions of Animal Husbandry" monthly publication published by the Directorate of Prevalence Education, Vetneri University. The program was conducted by Dr. Manisha Mathur. The function was attended by Dr. Satyaprakash Acharya, Sriram Dasad, Surendra Singh Rathod, former Chairman Akhilesh Pratap Singh, Anil Shukla, Dean's Director and students.