Tata's 162 vehicles sales record on Durgashtami

Bikaner, September 28. Dunac Automobile Pvt. On the day of Durgashtami,  162 commercial vehicles sold in a single day, company claim that no one have touch this record till date in sales of commercial vehicles in Rajasthan
     Dunac Automobile Pvt. Atul Dudi, Managing Director, Sriganganagar and C. Dabal O. It was sold under the leadership of Mr. Rajesh Bishnoi. On the record sale on Dashahara, two days celebration performed on raod with drum, bands and fireworks under market leadership's Paracham Julus.
     Duenque Automobile Pvt. Atul Dudi, the managing director of Shringganagar Tata Motors Commercial Wicks, said that record vehicles were sold in Sri Hanumangarh and Churu along with Sriganganagar. The business manager of the comany, Shri Sahiram Godara, was greeted with wearing pagdi and saffron. Sales Manager Rajesh Dudi informed about the specifications of various types of vehicles. He said that engine capacity of vehicles manufactured by Tata Motors, cargo handling, driver safety and maintenance are better at all scale. Sales Manager Sudhir Bishnoi told that Tata Motors has been insuring free to every driver up to Rs 10 lakh with each commercial vehicle. He did D.E.F. Told about the maintenance. On behalf of the customers, many respected customers including Shri Prem Godara, Mr. Jaswinder Gill, Mr. Gurmail Sandhu, Mr. Dharmaveer Bhati were present. Atul Dudi and Rajesh Bishnoi expressed gratitude to Sandeep Saharan, Mahaveer Goswami, Rajesh Kumar, Kanhaiyalal, Jinnesh Paniami, Deepak Lata, Arun Talia and Santosh Pareek on the successful event.
     Dudi expressed gratitude to all the respected customers and those who believed in Tata Motors and Duenk Automobile Pvt. Ltd., Sriganganagar and expressed the hope of continuous cooperation and blessings.