Rajasthan High Court issues notice to government a

Bikaner / Jodhpur Taking serious note of inadequate encroachment in the sanitation areas approved for the systematic development of Bikaner city, the Rajasthan High Court has summoned the Urban Development Department, Bikaner District Collector and Municipal Development Trust notice on Tuesday.
    Chief Judge Pradeep Nandrajog and Judge RS Halle, the bench passed the order on Tuesday after initial hearing on the PIL filed by Nitish Sharma resident of Bikaner. The petitioner Sanjita Purohit told the court that the City Development Trust had proposed a plan named Sardulganj for the well planned development of Bikaner during 1970. The scheme was approved by the state government under Section 29 of Rajasthan Nagar Reforms Trust Act, in which a marketing center was also proposed. The priest said that the land was reserved for the school, including seven open areas around this scheme. He told that the reserved space for the marketing center, which is currently known as Panchsati Circle, has shown 80 feet wide roads in the original scheme. There is a provision of 28 feet of footpaths on both sides of this road, but due to the apathy of Municipal Development Trust officials, encroachments have been made on proposed facilities. People have illegally occupied here, the proposals which have been withdrawn from the trust many times, but even once encroachment and illegal occupation were not removed. Purohit said that in the trust meeting of the year 2008 also officials had acknowledged that the occupation and encroachment by 25 persons in the Sardulganj scheme is not suitable for regulation. The decision to remove these encroachments on beautification of Sardulganj and Panchsati Circle has not been implemented till today. Taking serious decision not to apply the scheme approved for the well planned development of Bikaner city, the High Court verbally said that it is a violation of the orders given by the High Court in Gulab Kothari case.