Losses due to heavy rain falling

Jaipur, Heavy rain falling is always a reason of  major losses in lots of sectors, in chitoorgahr city the water range is so high and so many business units over filled with water because of heavy rain fall and its getting major losses.  but due to constant efforts of business persons  it s now in control.

In chittorghar there are few factories which are suffering from this problem the factories are affected with the heavy rain falling they tell about this loss and telling about the reasons they say "because there are no proper arrangements of water draining  so we have to  face these kind of problem in time of heavy rain falling.

According them when these factories were built that time the surface of road was lower but when when National highway  was built the rods got imbalance and now it has become the major problem for  all of us.

Before ten years ago there was a same problem running on t,hen drains were being built  both side by  industrious but again it has got imbalanced, many business units is now overfilled with water that is caused of major losses . 

So many businees secters are suffering from heavy losses majorly "Sangum Spiner "is in heavy damages and loss they have to close their  power plants. Denim product is also effected. Now there is a condition of flooding  in many cities . in Some cities it is in control,  some is still facing problems  Groundwater Department Minister " kiran maheswari" factories and buyers ministers "surendra paal singh "are taking inception of affected areas .