Kite shop runner demanded to ban on chines thread

New Delhi, Kite shop runner has demanded to put the  immediate ban on Chinese thread  before the 15th august. Purani Dilli  at lal kuaawa there is always held a big kite festival during  the days of Independence day.

According the kite runner shopper to fly kites are only a matter of  enjoy and fun and chinese thread is very dangerous so there should be no place for any dangerous thing in our enjoyment or fun things.

People  from this business  told that "it is a very dangerous thread for us it is made from nylon ad mixture of Iron and glass jot. and this is stretchable so it didn't get cut easily this also so dangerous for flying birds also . our Indian thread is made from yarn so if it get through to any part of a bird ,it just immediately cut itself after few minutes , but Chinese thread don't get cut itself easily even it can  cut the part of body.

Also the expert says that because of iron mixture is can get current when its get touch to the electronics pillars on sky . 
They further say "To buy chinese thread can be  a very dangerous deal it should be ban immediately there is no place for any dangerous thing for just our fun and enjoyment . Even it is not a very beneficial in cost also our Indian thread is more reasonable then this with no any harm to us .

Shop runners are saying though we are not selling this thread if few are selling means they have old stalk of this. But government is still not in action "laghu udhyog haath karga samiti" ke president "sacin gupta" is saying that t"his is not a chinese thread it is also a Indian thread but because of its packing it seems like a chinese thread. if is banned   before 15th august it may not effect the whole seller, but it will effect retailers.