heavy adulteration in jewelry making

Bikaner, (Mukesh Poonia) Along with the arrival of the festive season, the detergent in food items is common, but the shocking truth is that it does not pay any attention to the adulteration of jewelery made from gold silver. This is the reason why Bikaner is playing a game of adulteration in large quantities of gold and there is no exercise to tighten it. The surprising facts came out when investigating the truth about the game of adulteration in adulthood. No government agency has tested this in the ongoing game for years. Even the organizations of the Sarafa businessmen are not serious about it. According to the information, currently there is a hallmark system in gold accessories, which can be trusted in its purity. The selected jewelery show-room operators in Bikaner sell hallmark goods, they also mix sour taste, and not only amusement, the customer is not aware of the hallmark.

One of the items of gold silver items in Bikaner's world is the tradition that show-room operators and shopkeepers of tributes tell customers not to make a makeing charge. In this way, they mix more. When goldman not charge for making, then how they will earn? It's a matter of thinking. Generally, it has been observed that most of goldman do not have to take very little or a makeing charge.

-More jumbling in the festive season

In the coming days, there are festivals along with the shouting of the sawa(Wedding Season).  In this case, the game of adulteration in gold silver also increases. During this time, gold silver jewelery worth crores of rupees is sold in the district and deamand goes on peack, taking advantage of this, they sell adulterated gold silver jewelery.
The correctness of silver is just 50 percent

Silver is a game of great sophistication. The customer is said to be 70 to 80 percent of silver, while only 50 percent of silver items get purity. Out of the redeemed goods, 40 to 50 percent purity found, while they are sold in silver prices. Made of hand-made silverware, there is high purity, but nowadays items made from machines run and they are more adulterated than purity.

Lower prices, more adulteration

Many gold traders advertise that are selling at low price or dont impose making charge, and in this attraction, When customers are attracted to seeing low prices, they later cheat customer by increasing the adulteration by the shopkeeper.

It should be used caution

- There should be 22 carats ie 91.6 percent gold in the gold

If you purchase any goods of silver, it should have 85 percent purity, buy less purity goods.

- Purchase a solid bill from the shopkeeper to buy gold ornaments.
- Apply the purity of the investigator to the seal baggage.
- Confirm the effect and stay away from what is giving low prices.
- Avoid shopping for ready-made goods.