Government will abrogate 3.37 lakh crore MOU with Reliance

Jaipur, Rajsthan State government will abrogate more than 200 MOU of investment Summit. Last BJP government created 470 MOU of RS 3. 37 lakh rupees, according to summit these company had to invest the investment in the tourism mines and field of medical, Government will give concession to these companies in return. Though Reliance Group of Anil Ambani and Adani group of Gautam Adani signatured the MOU but most of the companies did not show any interest to invest in this, according to industrial minister Parsadi Lal Meena there were only 124 MOU which were started to work on in last 3 years. There is only 12000 investment is collected till now the companies which haven't  started work on any MOU they will soon given the notice to abrogated,and if they are not showing interest their MOU will soon be cancelled.

MOU are failed mostly in tourism or Medical Field
These field are the mostly became failed in MOU . These are almost 240 MOU were done, of RS. more than two lakes most of the Drop out rate.there was higher MOU mou done  in the tourism and medical field.221 Mou in tourism of rs10442 crore and 40 MOU in medical field of rate 2700 kr. no project has started till now in mines also 25 MOU of Race 76000 crore, only 1500 crore investment is collected till now, MOU was done in Housing Board of Singapore Corporation.

Last government has abrogated 154 MOU
154 MOU  has declared fail in 470 MOU. THE investors of these companies was not doing follow up after the Summit . RENEWABLE energy "Reliance Energy" "Adani ager power India" these big companies did the  MOU of Rs1.90 lakh crore, Reliance Energy, power India and another big  companies were not doing follow up of MOU .