folk to participate in Swadeshi Festival - Dharam

Posters of the festival Released 

Bikaner,  The poster of Swadeshi Festival-2017 was released on at the office of the Festival at Rajiv Gandhi Marg, by Mandal Chief Dharam Prakash Sharma.

On this occasion, Divisional Officer Pramesh Agarwal, Mahanagar Convenor Madhusudan Vyas, Women's In-charge Sunita Gurjar, Mahanagar College Student Head Bhavani Singh Khara, District Officer Ashok Joshi, Uma Sharma, Indu Sharma, Saroj Gupta, Usha Jain, Kusum Vijay, Purnima Acharya , Suman Tanwar etc. were present. Dharam Prakash Sharma said that such efforts should be made by the participation of people of each class in the festival. In the next ten days, the common man should be invited by contact committee to contact the house-house. He said that this festival will play a positive role in the upliftment and encouraging small and cottage industries. He said that during interaction, the public should also be encouraged to boycott Chinese goods.
Mahanagar Convenor Vyas said that the enthusiasm started in general public for the festival. So far, 40 stalls have been booked. In these stalls, pottery, handicrafts, khadi garments, spices, papad etc. will be kept for sale. He told that during the festival there will be various competitions every day and cultural events will be organized every day. He said that boycotting Chinese goods is the most relevant in today's era.
Mahotsav Women's In-charge Sunita Gurjar said that efforts will be made for greater participation of women in the festival. He said that women's role in encouraging indigenous is most important. During the festival, programs related to women will be organized. Purnima Acharya said that during the yoga camp to be held every day, practice of asana and pranayama related to women will also be done.