Farmer Animal Husbandry & Scientific Seminar held

Dr Radhakrishnan T, Director, Peanut Research Directorate, Junagadh (Gujarat), Senior Scientist of Central Dry Horticulture Research Institute, Dr. Dhorendra Singh and Dr. Shravan Haladhar, senior scientist from Kajri Dr. Birbal, at Kisan Bhushan and Scientific Seminar on the occasion of the fair. Dr. A.K., Director, Mile, Central Institute of Sheep and Wool Research Patel, Pariano Director of Spirit Kadwa, Deputy Project Director, M.L. Gondar presented lectures.

Awarded winners of animal, crop, fruit and vegetable competitions
Vice-Chancellor of Veterinary University, Prof. Prof., on the closing of the fair. B.R. Dr. A.K., Director, Chhipa and Central Institute of Sheep and Wool Research. Patel honored the winner of the competition by giving cash amount and citation. In the exhibition held at the fair, Swami Keshavanand Rajasthan Agricultural University was given first position in the stall, second in the direction Organic Sense Industry second and Krishna Solar Power Fencing was awarded third prize. In the peanut crop competition, Revantram first, Manoj II and Rakesh III. Manoj first in the millet, Tarapur second and Sara Ram were third. Manoj first and Revantariam II and Subhash III in guar crop. Incentives were given to five other farmers. 

Emiran's camels received three prizes in male adult animals in the rampant category of animal exhibition. Ramesh Kumar I, Ranjit II and Om Prakash Shivlal Gondar remain in third place in adult male group of sheep dynasty. First Om Prakash, Second Birma, Third Om Prakash, Fourth Suman Qadasara Buffalo Dynasty (Adult Female) First Kailash Chandra II Churnilal Beniwal, 3rd Ram Bishnoi, IV Om Prakash, Horse Dynasty (Adult Male), First Edition Donation in Marwari, Second in Buffalo Dynasty (Bachiya) Bhavani Singh, Third Susher Singh Bhati, Marwar Maida (Ashvva Dynasty), first Mahendra, second Sanjay Jain, III Balakaran Singh Marwari Ashwa (Bachhra / Bach Iri), first edition donation, Third Pradeep Singh, Chatur Bhavani Singh, Adult Cow (Country), first Virendra Bishnoi, 2nd Magan Lal, Third Raju Khan, 4th Naseer Bandhiyaaded Swadeshi Gowavsh (Male) Abdul Ghani, II Mustache , Third Liaquat Ali, Ghulatra Ashvi Dynasty (Male) First Susher Singh Bhati, Second Susher Singh Bhati, Third Gurnam Singh Swarak Gaurav (Female) First New Talwar, Second Vani Singh, Third Raju Khan, Brajvallabh, Chatur Raju Khan Bakhari Dynasty (Adult Male), First Noor Ali, Hasam Ali, Second Noor Ali and Nawab Ali, Third Sikandar Khan and Sarkaram, Fourth Mahendra Bandhaksh Baqra Dynasty first Noor Ali and Neck Ramzan, second, Noor Ali III, was the most honorable winner. In the goat clan (adult female), first Noor Ali, second Suneeta, Anwar Hussain in third and Mohammed Ali in the fourth. Mohan Purohit, first Gafar Ahmed Gurjar II, Karan Singh and Pradeep Singh III and Mahavir Singh IV were in the Sanchar Gau Dynasty (Babh / Bachdhi). Mohan Purohit and second Manmohan Singh were in the hybrid Gaurav (Bachiya). In the hybrid Gaurav (adult male), Sitaram I, Ayub II, Karanvir Singh III and Ashok Poonia IV remained. In the Sheep dynasty (female), Abdul Gani is the first.