Delhi Bikaner Flight getting good response

Beginning a week ago between Bikaner-Delhi, the air service is getting good response for the passengers. Due to the Festival Season, the flight to and fro is almost completely booked, while still only being booked online. Counter at Nal Airport has not started. Airport Director Radheshyam Meena said that ATR 72 flights are available daily from Delhi to Bikaner at 1.15 pm, which reaches Bikaner at 2.45 pm. About 25 minutes after being stopped in Bikaner, it sends a flight to Delhi at 3.10 pm.
Arrive at 4.40 pm in Delhi. Everyday 70 passenger is coming in daily flights from Delhi, whereas in the passenger this number is above 55. Air Services Sector Concern Alliance, which started under regional connectivity, is the Air Indian Airline. This company is the schedule operator. They said that due to the presence of Deepawali, the tremor in the flight will increase further in the coming days, such hope is being expressed.