CS Chapters Institute Golden Jubilee Year celebrat

Bikaner.Inauguration ceremony of the golden jubilee year of Indian Institute Secretary, organized by the Bikaner chapter of the institute, was held today at the local Marudhar Hotel Palace, Rani Bazar.
Speaking as the chief guest, Amar Chand Singhal, District Consumer Forum President said that the Company Secretary has an effective role in running the company systematically. At the same time, the operators give appropriate advice to run the company's corporate governance smoothly. He helps the company run the business following the rules and procedures. As the Guest of Honor of the program, Bikaner West legislator Dr. Gopal Krishna Joshi said that the role of the company's secretaries is important in today's times. He is an important professional person running the company, so he should adhere to professional ethics. And if any kind of disturbances are found in the company, then the government and the relevant parties should be informed and necessary for the prevention Should take other steps. As the second Guest of Honor, Mayor of Bikaner Narayan Chopra said that the company should motivate the secretaries not only to follow the laws in the company but to act in a neat way, but also increase the efficiency of good conduct as a responsible citizen. Tax partnership should be played. In the beginning of the program, Chairman of the Chancellor CS Narayan Das Daga informed about the activities of Bikaner Chapter and called upon the members to take active participation in the Golden Jubilee year. On this occasion, Vice Chairman CS Nitesh Ranga, Secretary C. S. Rinabala, Councilor Dr. Ajay Joshi and CS Surendra Harsh also expressed their views.