All we can do is just wait & watch

Bikaner, In Bikaner city there is a lots of stringency  going on in Real Estate business its crawling very slowly. and for the real estate  business become the most not running business these days.  Industrious say there was a time when we had not to search the  buyers, they used to search us to buy land or flats now there is a time  where we are spending our lots of time to search buyers for land ..
Even the  prices  are very down  and it remains just half ,still we are not getting a good response from   buyers .
Even there is a very low prices of property and this is the best time to invest in real Estate .according the market sources government has putted some ban on this business that's why this real Estate business is suffering form stringency .

Even after to come with lots of new plans and scheme to sell out the flats and plots Real state business is suffering from crisis .there is a situation of wait and watch merchants from the real state business are trying to give so many temptation to sell there flats and plots but it all goes in vain, now these business men are fully hoped with the money that will come from Seventh Pay Commission. They hope it will bring the boom again in market .Now the the business man are fully hoped with the  prime and Chief Minister house policies . 

These day industrious are making there new plans to keep the government target of higher income and lower income plans in mind .they are looking forward for good with this government policies .