Start Date27 January, 2018 On 11:00:00 AM
5th CEO and Founders Meet 2018
End Date 27 January, 2018 On 02:00:00 PM

5th CEO and Founders Meet 2018

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Natraj Infosys
About the Event

5th CEO & Founders Meet at Jaipur is designed for pioneering CEOs, next-generation, and emerging Global Business Leaders who aspire to conduct their businesses in tandem with global best practices. These CEOs focus more on creating value for all of their stakeholders and then fulfill deeper purpose of their organization which is giving back to society and making it better than they met it. The Summit is carefully designed to support CEOs, Founders and Mangers on their ongoing journey of business excellence as renowned business leaders, industry giants and entrepreneur experts have been lined up to give them extensive training, while stimulating real life business challenges in the 21st century with pragmatic solution for society benefit and business success. Our summits provide veritable atmosphere for trade and collaborations amongst other positive outcomes.

Why to Attend:

1. Entrepreneurs:

-Investemnt Opportunities 

-Investors for your Business

-Meet Yeforum Network Offline

-Partnership Opportunities

-Business Expension Opportunites

-Join CEO Community

2.Business in Starting Phase:

-Insight about Challenges and Solutions

-Promote your product in Community

-Franchisee Options

-Zero Cost Business Starting



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