In the world everybody is facing lots of the problem. If you have any type of the problem or need the solution then u can contact us & u will get the solution of each & every problem.

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Do you really need a FRIEND IN NEED. A guide at the time of perplexion, a solver in the face of seemingly unsolvable problems and queries. A bright star at the cross roads of decision making. When you are in a dilemma trying to take hard decisions affecting your whole life -what to do and what not. Do you require a confidential friend to whom you can confide and open your heart, who is also capable to ensure your problems and guide you to take right decisions at the opportune time to reach the coveted goal. If you? It is here. He is us .

Our Mr Viveck Goael has been bestowed by the Providence the great DIVINE POWERS OF INTUITION AND OPEN THIRD EYE.

He is capable of accurately ensuring your problems of Past, Present and Future, even through your Photo. He can guide you in every sphere of your life in every situation.
When you are going to choose your Partners in business or life, when you are at the cross roads and desire to find out where to proceed to achieve success, you may fall back on us.
There are several reasons for jerks in married life, in business, jobs, interviews, career, and profession. We can choose which job/ profession/career is suitable to you. Or if you are running an industry or a large establishment you have to face so many problems daily, in the shape of customers, labor, raw material, manufacturing, buyers, payments etc.
He knows that Astrological predictions and Vaastu reforms are not always wholly reliable due to many reasons. If you have to certainly ascertain some thing our God Gifted Astral method is Unique.
The real trouble is that if the diagnosis of your problems is wrong - and often they are wrong, you can not suppose to remove the root cause. The real cause of the trouble is anywhere else, or is not there where you are trying to find it-

Example 1 :- one Industrialist confided about the undetected recent loses. He tried several therapies -Vastu dosh nivaran, Astrological treatments etc. but could not earn the desirable cure.
We observed his photo and came to know that his works manager a very reliable person was a turncoat. He was caught red handed and all was well again.
Example 2 :- One lady showed an Ultrasound report depicting a Cyst in her body. The report and her photo were tasked to observation. It was found that there was no cyst at all. There was an Evil Spirit overpowering her, and that was compelling even the Ultrasound to produce wrong report. The said Evil Spirit was removed by us forthwith, and lo, the Cyst disappeared without operation. The after report clearly shows that now no cyst exists there. Both the reports are in the treasure house of our office.
Example 3 :- A young man of B-TECH lost interest in his studies and was disturbed mentally, physically. He was provided a long medical treatment, but in vain. He was being given by psychiatrist, the pills to induce drowsiness. Than he approached us. We observed through photo that his body and furniture were infected with Negative Energy. We removed it by distance healing and now he has gradually improved.

You may take clue through our SPIRITUAL DIVINE POWERS regarding methods to protect you and keep you protected from known/unknown onslaughts of worldlings, a victim of perfidy, of nature, due to your past life Karm-Prarabdh or pertaining to your wrong notions, your own errors and blunders.

We can detect the Root Cause of your troubles through your photo. So that you can make them remove and get on to Success.
Must send your photo and photo of your opponents- if any, with your name, country, state and city along with questions via e-mail or mail address. For your bright Future, mental Happiness and Prosperity.
You may be anywhere, on any continent of the globe, you may contact us through E-MAIL [email protected] (with the subject 'Problem'), stating your name, country, state, city, your Problem and trouble, in a concise form, along with your Photo.
For all this you may ask us one to three Questions (on a payment of $ 30 or Rs. 1,000/) through E-mail.
We can show the answers even on Yearly basis for $ 1,000 or Rs. 40,000 to guide you for one year or 200 questions whichever is earlier

The amount may be deposited within INDIA in INDIAN Rupees in ICICI bank account no. 019001514492 in favor of Jagdeesh goyal, Moradabad, INDIA,
And rest of world may be deposited in Paypal online bank e-mail a/c [email protected] in American Dollars, by visiting or may be remitted via Western Union Money Transfer or by Demand Draft

Viveck Goael
(Master of Divine powers & Third Eye)
(Reiki Grand Master, Vaastu Expert)
(Evil Spirit & Negative Energy Remover)
(Astrologist, Numerologist, Gemologist)
(Meditation & Dowsing Teacher)
(Past life regression, Future life progression & Past Karm Healer)
Vastu Bhawan, HIG-A-1
Ramganga Vihar -2
Near shanti Niketan College
Moradabad, UP - 244001
E-mail- [email protected]

Any Problems, Jobs, Business, Family Disputes, Going Abroad, Property, Court Cases, Joint Film Debits, Love Marriage.
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Unknown illness, self and family members protection and remove black magic evil sprits.
I have the ability to solve your all problems with blessings.
I have many satisfied clients worldwide

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