custom made Artificial eye for damaged eye, ocular prosthesis, cosmtic eye shell

Custom made Artificial Eyes

3D, life like, Colour matched, Safe& durable, customized ocular prosthesis for one-eyed patients due to injury/cancer/Birth defect.

We make custom made Artificial Eyes/ ocular prosthesis/eye shells for patients with disfigured eyes, one -eyed due to loss due to an injury, accident, cancer or failed surgery, born with a congenital defect of the eye.
Indian board certified Ocularist with Vast experience of treating patients since past 10 years from small baby to 80 year old patient.
Life like, 3D, colour matched according to patient's normal eye, comfortbable to wear for long hours, Durable & safe.
Please contact to book your appointment
Phone: 9730981585

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