Fully Automatic Waste Compost Machine

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Product description (Organic waste Composter machine)-

The compost machine is a digestive system that functions with its special technique to decompose all sort of organic wastes within a short span of time.

We have fully automatic, semi-automatic as well as manual machines as per the needs and requirement of customers. Many variants of machine has an inbuilt waste shredder which cuts the bio-degradable wastes into tiny pieces and then transfers them to a collection tank where actual composting takes place. After composting, the raw compost needs to be dried up for removing the moisture out of them.

Features of different variants:

• With Dehydration System in used then the machine is capable of processing up to 1000 kg of wastes and converting it into 150-200 kg of humus.
• PLC with digital reading system.
• Minimum power consumption.
• It is environment friendly process and totally organic way of composting.
• The machine is noiseless as well as odorless.
• The machine has a long life and compact size.
• The organic waste is turned into nutrient rich compost and fertilizers that can be used in agriculture, farming and gardening.
• Composting is a fully natural and ecological process which must be adopted for controlling pollution & for improving our soil's fertility.

Technical Specifications

• Weight - Ranging from 80 kg to 1000 kg (as per requirement)
• Volume reduction - 85-90% or as per the requirement.
• Dimension - Depends on the quantity of waste creation per day
• Power consumption - 1 hp to 10 HP (Single /Three phase)
• Control system - PLC based
• Machine operation – automatic
• Parts of machine
• Shredder
• Humidity sensor
• Inbuilt heating system
• mixing blades
• composting tank
• Moisture control and air ventilation system
• dehydrator (on customer demand) etc

Starting from Rs. 95000/- only Call us- 9958858881

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