Restaurant in Udaipur Bawarchi Restaurant

Restaurant in Udaipur Bawarchi Restaurant Bawarchi restaurant serve the pure vegetarian food in the city of Lakes Udaipur. It is a delicious multi-cuisine restaurant in the Udaipur. The theme of the restaurant is Rajasthani food. The must –try dishes of bawarchi restaurant are the Thali, Paneer Masala, Besan gatte is sabji, Rajasthani Kadi, Paneer-tikka, Veg-pulav, Bundi-Raita etc. Bawarchi serves the best Rajasthani Food in Udaipur. We provide Rajasthani Thali with all Rajasthani spices to give a sentiment flavour to the customer about the taste of Mewar. Thali dishes are prepared by our experienced chefs using the best ingredients to carry out the legitimate and pure flavour of the dishes. A true significance of Rajasthani Food is reflected in Bawarchi Restaurant. The ambience in our dining room is practical, but never too formal. It is a perfect place to be with your family and friends. We recommend you to come here to enjoy the full flavoured food in Udaipur. It is selected as a top restaurant in Udaipur. We have a budgeted menu with reasonable rates. With a spacious sitting arrangement, we have an attentive staff serving you fresh food. The menu offers real recipes, extricates, and innovated. The restaurant has the quality of the food. The food quality is very good. The Packing facility is also available here. Bawarchi packed thali is fully liked by our customers. We are famous for the Thali restaurant in Udaipur and Paneer is the obvious menu choice here of all our customers. We as a Bawarchi Restaurant not only believe in giving you an immense variety for food but we strongly believe in the quality of the food.