Fully Automatic Chapati Making Machine

The Fully Automatic Chapati Making Machine is a latest innovation in the field of Chapati Making Products. This machine integrates the entire process of peda making, pressing and chapati baking into one single unit, in the most hygienic and functional manner ever.


1. Various size and thickness of chapatis
2. True value for money
3. Simple to operate
4. Easy to clean

Technical Specification:

1. Capacity: 1000 Chapati / hour
2. Weight of Chapati: 25gms – 45gms
3. Chapati thickness: 1.5mm -2.5mm
4. Chapati Size: 7 - 8 inches
5. Colour: Light Brown
6. Appearance: Soft with puffed layer
7. L.P.G. Consumption: 1.25Kg / hour (Approx.)
8. Electricity Consumption: 4.5 / 6.5 KW
9. Operator(s) required: 2 unskilled

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