Big Data Training In Chandigarh

Arcadian Learning is the only company that provides Big Data online Training in Northern Region of India. This course will be offered by Arcadian Learning professional Education Department, the arm of Arcadian that provides the Professional education, Technical education and training for the Science & Engineering groups. Arcadian Professional Education is pleased to be able to provide a unique education technique and offer to meet industrial experts through video calling.
What is Hadoop?
• It is an Open Source Framework.
• Developed by Apache.
• Using to process distributed data.
• It works on different clusters through Map-Reduce.
• Provide an analysis solution to the Client.
• Help to project new product according to Survey Analysis.
Hadoop is a database framework that works on processing of Distributed database of huge amount. We will provide bigdata training in Chandigarh for the professionals. The technology need should be clear to the professional, so why we need the Hadoop knowledge is:

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