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CDMS(Clinical Data Management System) is unique software provide a facility to keep the patient details, gives appointment, prepare reports,

CDMS(Clinical Data Management System) is unique software provide a facility to keep the patient details, gives appointment, prepare reports, keep personal contacts and diary at a time by moving from one option to another easily. On moving from one option to another CDMS automatically save the information and will not loose any data. Print prescription and compare the drugs consumption and investigation data (investigation wise as well as center wise) easily. CDMS are having a facility to send the mail by your mail address to group of persons. This software meets the needs of users who demand more from their clinic management software. It includes different types of modules

Booking appointment is simple, fast & easy. View the empty time for further dates and give the appointments to patient quickly.

Appointments can be booked for a whole day or some specific shift of the day like morning shift,evening etc.

It also provide feature of canceling appointment.

CDMS allows blocking the busy dates or unavailable date in advance so it helps at the time of appointment for wrong date.

Re-open the appointments of block dates; if fortunately make the availability on that day.

For Patient’s clinical record he has to register. It includes patient’s personal detail, its present problem, past problems and family history in CDMS.

Keep all the on examination data and it can view by just click the mouse button.

It includes family history and past patient history record also. It is helpful in patient’s treatment and record the conversation between doctor and patient.

Medical details include symptoms, general examination, Test with investigation center, prescribed medicine with dose, dose type, dose quantity and precautions, diagnosis and patient’s old report for future reference.

CDMS Keeps all the investigation reports as an attachment by scan copy and view easily at any time.

With this record we can generate different types of report like investigation center wise report, periodical investigation, patient detail, daily patient summary report & many more.

Writing prescription to patient is very easy & time saving by selecting from the drop down list.

Repeat the previous prescription of patient or previous patient prescription saves much time.

This record helps in finding out the consumption of drugs for a period.

In address book we can add all our contacts with their details like name, address,date f birth, blood group

IIn daily dairy we can add all important events like meeting, birthday, and it will remind us the events.

Emailing facility is also very helpful. With the help of this we can intimate our contact person regarding camps or meeting of our clinic.

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