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Machine Maintenance Information System is introducing for giving the information about the due maintenance of machines according to its sche

Machine Maintenance Information System is introducing for giving the information about the due maintenance of machines according to its schedule, make maintenance plan in advance as per the schedule, keep all the information of maintenance as well as breakdown of machines and find out the information very quickly

MIS is very fast operating system, menu driven, Multi-user and getting the least information to maintain the information of each information and gives the various and lot of information and outputs as per the need to users.

Once the user feed the schedule of each machine of each Activity then he does not required to remember its schedule or prepared the monthly plan of maintenance.

As per the preparing of schedule, MMIS will gives information to user about the due report of maintenance and prepared the plan of maintenance for the given date. At the time of preparing of plan MMIS will also gives the information of all the tasks of each machine. So that user can maintain it easily and does not require keeping all the information on the notepad.

As per the plan user maintain machine and complete each and every tasks timely. After maintaining the complete tasks the user can feed all the information and its observation in the MMIS, So that he can prepare long-term analytical reports from the MMIS.

MMIS also gives a facility to update the routine abnormalities during the two cycles of maintenance and to concentrate on these at the time of maintenance by getting the abnormalities report of that particular machine.

As per keeping the maintenance data at MMIS, MMIS gives various types of outputs to analyze performance of machine, its parts, life, reasons of breakdown etc. All these information can be analyzed as follows:

Machine to Machine,Activity to Activity,Date to Date, Machine wise Date wise,Activity wise Machine wise,Date wise Machine wise,Machine wise Activity wise,and

All the above information can be viewed for a machine, for a department, for a section, for a division, for a date range, for an activity, for a plant, for a mill or its group

All the above outputs help to control the total maintenance cost,breakdowns and the life of parts, which are changed during the scheduling and breakdowns.

With the help of MMIS users can maintain the floor level inventory very easily and also analyze the monthly and yearly maintenance cost of parts replacement. These analysis are as follows :

Machine wise,Department wise,Part wise,Activity wise, Machine wise Activity wise,Department wise Activity wise, Activity wise Machine wise,Machine wise Part wise,Part wise Machine wise,and…

With the minimum efforts industry can save lot of time and cost as well as maintaining its machine properly and improved the life of machine also.

With the help of MMIS, management can get lot of information and comparisons very quickly and get the action accordingly.

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