Glasslind And Ecohot Water Heaters

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“DANA” remains committed to producing top-quality electric water heaters.The “DANA” brand is synonymous with high quality water heat

“DANA” remains committed to producing top-quality electric water heaters.The “DANA” brand is synonymous with high quality water heaters made from superior quality raw material under strict quality control. We have most modern manufacturing facilities and highly skilled motivated professional team to cater to the needs of our valuable clients.
DANA Water Heaters & Coolers Factory L.L.C located in Al-Quoz Industrial Area, Dubai UAE undertakes the manufacture of Water-Heaters, Water-Coolers & Water-Dispensers.We also undertake manufacture of Water heaters & Coolers on OEM basis. The factory is well equipped with the latest machines and technological know-how with a dedicated team of well skilled personnel.

Our Fully Automatic Online Dry Powder Enameling Plant which utilizes State-of-the-art Italian Technology to Manufacture World Class Boilers.With the installation of this ultra-modern conveyorised plant we are able to manufacture up to 600 boilers/shift or 1200 boilers/day, thus making us among the largest manufacturers in the middle east.

We are complying with IEC60335-2-21:2002+A1:2004+A2:2008 which deals with the safety of electric storage water heaters for household and similar purposes and intended for heating water below boiling temperature, their rated voltage being not more than 250 V for single-phase appliances.

Glass lined DWH are highly corrosive-resistant as compared to other models made from stainless steel, galvanized steel, ungalvanized steel, and resin coated boilers. Glass lining provides better quality than copper tanks since glass lining by its very nature is not an alloy.

Our water heaters are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 certified Quality environment and are made from highest quality materials and components in accordance with the highest international standards and utilizing modern technology. It is designed to provide many years of high and reliable performance.

Dry Powder Porcelain Enamel Technology

Dry Powder Porcelain Enameling – is the latest technology from Europe and bought to UAE for the first time by DANA. Porcelain Enamel is a glass – like coating which is fused at 830 degree C to create a mechanical bond with the metal substrate. This makes the vitreous enamel layer robust and insert, protecting and underlying steel from rust and corrosion. The glass lined tank then can work form many years without problems irrespective of the quality of water. Porcelain enamel tanks are widely used internationally and are approved for use in water heaters by BIS, IEC, DIN(German), UL(US) standards.

In UAE, DANA is the first manufacturer to start enameling with Dry Powder Enamelling system which is superior to other types of coatings.

How are DANA water Heaters better:
Corrosion Resistant
No deposits are formed on the inner wall of the tank, due to high resistance of stainless steel to deposit formation and chemical corrosion. The internal glossy finish does not retain deposits and hence the metal is not corroded as in the case of copper.

30% energy savings over prescribed norms
Retains water hot for long time
5 years warranty against leakage
1 year warranty against electrical parts
Home delivery
Double security thermostat
Safe against explosions
Longer Life

Choose suitable Model
DANA Glasslined – 5 Yrs Warranty
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DANA Ecohot – 2 Yrs Warranty
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OEM Models
Key Features:
Porcelain Enameled/Glasslined body.
Magnesium Anode ensures maximum protection against corrosion.
Stainless Steel water inlet & outlet pipes.
Epoxy polyster powder coated external body.
Thick CFC-free PU foam insulation.
Double security thermostat, safety valve & Magnesium Anode.
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DANA GLASSLINED 3-piece Circular Welded Glasslined Steel Boiler Electrostatically Powder Coated High Density CFC-free Polyurethane Included Included
DANA ECOHOT 2-Piece GI Tank with Circular Welding Electrostatically Powder Coated Thick Glasswool blanket Not Included Included

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