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Do you work with a large volume of banknotes? Are you tired of counting banknotes manually? Do you want to detect counterfeit notes with the

Do you work with a large volume of banknotes? Are you tired of counting banknotes manually? Do you want to detect counterfeit notes with the utmost reliability? Do you invest too much time on your cash count? Do you need to deal with banknote bundles in the presence of your client?

If your answer to the previous questions is “yes” and you want to work with banknotes without having to sort them by value, MX50i Turbo is the perfect machine for you.

The front loader will allow you to pile up large amounts of banknotes and gradually add more as the machine processes those already deposited. Find out total and partial values and detect counterfeit banknotes at a speed of 1,500 notes per minute. For ease of use, you can also Print out the results using the Optional Printer.

MX50i Turbo is one of India's Most Advanced and heavy duty money counter with Features that are offered to Indian customers for First time & Priced very competitively. With its Hopper capacity of whopping 400 notes, it can take load of notes just as easy as placing it on the table. No hassle in insertion of large or small volume of notes.

With advanced 3D identification & I-Scan Detection feature MX50i Turbo is fully charged up with Performance, Precision & Perfection. I-Scan now Intelligently programmed to make it fully User friendly. With I-Scan feature You can be assured of detecting most types of super fake notes that look, feel & sense like Original notes or at times they even surpass the quality of a genuine notes.

MX50i Turbo counts all the mixed notes without having to sort and calculated manually. Yes Just place the notes of any denomination in any direction or form, It Counts, Scans & Detects – Currency denomination & also looks out for Fake notes hidden in it. And displays result in total value with option to Sort & Free count too. It surely is the best tool to organize your cash and save the repute of your organization from getting dumped with Fake Notes which are very difficult to find from bunch of currency your cashier receives.

Large LCD Backlit Display eventually gives every Information the user can use. Get report on Screen or to the attached printer at the press of a button. Hi-Speed counting of upto 1500 Notes / Minute & Digitally Selectable Speed. Heavy duty motor and highly qualified electronics with high temperature tolerance are used, making it sturdy and reliable for long time and continuous operation.

MX50i Turbo's biggest advantage, that it does not require selection of manual detection of I-Scan feature for Rs. 1000 & Rs. 500 denomination.

MX50i Turbo is Incredibly Intelligent, Accurate & Makes Currency Management absolutely Simple Task with Value Count, Sort & Fake Detection Functions.

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