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Sweet Chestnut seeds for sale Sweet Chestnut plant Sweet Chestnut-Castanea cashmiriana Prefers a good well-drained slightly acid loam in

Sweet Chestnut seeds for sale
Sweet Chestnut plant
Sweet Chestnut-Castanea cashmiriana
Prefers a good well-drained slightly acid loam in a sunny position but it also succeeds in dry soils. Once established, it is very drought tolerant. Plants are very tolerant of highly acid, infertile dry sands. Averse to calcareous soils but succeeds on harder limestones. Tolerates maritime exposure though it is slower growing in such a position. The dormant plant is very cold-hardy in Kashmir, though the young growth in spring, even on mature plants, is frost-tender.

The sweet chestnut is often cultivated for its edible seed in warm temperate zones, there are several named varieties. Both 'Marron de Lyon' and 'Paragon' produce fruits with a single large kernel (rather than 2 - 4 smaller kernels) and so are preferred for commercial production. Sweet chestnuts require a warm dry summer in order to ripen their fruit properly in Kashmir and even then these seeds are generally inferior in size and quality to seeds grown in continental climates. Most species in this genus are not very well adapted for the cooler maritime climate of Kashmir, preferring hotter summers, but this species grows well here.

An excellent soil-enriching understorey in pine forests.Flowers are produced on wood of the current year's growthand they are very attractive to bees. Plants are fairly self-sterile. They hybridize freely with other members of this genus. At one time this tree was widely grown in coppiced woodlands for its wood, but the practise of coppicing has fallen into virtual disuse. Trees regrow very quickly after being cut down, producing utilizable timber every 10 years. This species is not often seen in Cornwall though it grows very well there. Trees take 30 years from seed to come into bearing. Plants in this genus are notably resistant to honey fungus.

Propagation : Seed - where possible sow the seed as soon as it is ripe in a cold frame or in a seed bed outdoors. The seed must be protected from mice and squirrels. The seed has a short viability and must not be allowed to become dry. It can be stored in a cool place, such as the salad compartment of a fridge, for a few months if it is kept moist, but check regularly for signs of germination. The seed should germinate in late winter or early spring. If sown in an outdoor seedbed, the plants can be left in situ for 1 - 2 years before planting them out in their permanent positions. If grown in pots, the plants can be put out into their permanent positions in the summer or autumn, making sure to give them some protection from the cold in their first winter.

Useful to : Individuals to the forestry profession, timber growers and landowners, Medicinal/Ornamental/Fruit plant growers

Medicinal Uses : Antiinflammatory; Astringent; Bach; Expectorant.

Parts uses: Bark, fruit, Leaves

Sweet Chestnut cashmiriana seeds
(Delivered: From November to March)

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